Monday, 29 December 2014

Flat Iron: review

Flat Iron was highly recommended by my friends Kat and Dan, they even went to describe it as ‘EPIC’ so I just had to try it for my birthday meal the other weekend.

And what a fab place it was, all the little touches really made for a great atmosphere; a rustic feel with exposed brick walls, friendly staff who were willing to chat and very quick service.

They have two restaurants both in Soho, 17 Beak St & 9 Denmark St and with only 10 minutes walking distance between them if you encounter a long wait, like we did, you can just pop round the corner.

I'm a massive fan of popcorn, so when one of those retro white cups with the distinctive blue rim full of freshly made salted popcorn was brought to the table, I was already sold and I knew this would be a place I would be coming back to. We perused the menu, deciding between Flat Iron steak or the days specials of Sirloin steak or Chateaubriand steak.


Now the mini cleavers were just so cute, who'd of thought I'd ever call a meat cleaver cute but they definitely were! They even sell them for £10 which is a great idea.

We all went for their flat iron steak, cooked to order and served on a hot stone with a small side salad; very tender and a good size for £10. Paired with creamed spinach, fries cooked in beef dripping and bearnaise sauce at an added cost.

As big foodies we definitely didn't say no to dessert and with only one option on the menu it was an easy decision. The Salted Caramel Sundae:

Paul A. Young Salted Caramel
Milk soft serve, Hot Madagascan Chocolate Sauce
Vanilla bean & Van Winkle Bourbon syrup

A delicious dessert with the sauce and syrup complementing each other well and a generous helping of Paul A. Young’s salted caramel. Kat and I are big fans of Paul and having just seen him hours before at the chocolate festival in Islington we were excited to try his salted caramel, and it didn't disappoint. This added decadence of sauce, syrup and salted caramel to what would normally be a simple dessert was the perfect ending to my birthday weekend.

A fantastic steak with an even better price tag, a must for steak lovers especially in the new year when money is tight.

What's your favourite steak restaurant? Let me know as I love trying new places.

Mel xoxo


  1. This place looks delicious!!!! I love steak and just meat in general! I need to go here :) x

    1. It was amazing Courteney, you should definitely check it out! There will certainly be more reviews up your street as I am a big meat lover too!! xoxo

  2. I love a good steak and that place looks amazing! i think i'm going to have to go try for myself xx

    1. Hi Ellen, it really was amazing!! Let me know if you go and your thoughts.
      Do you have any suggestions of places I should try? xoxo